Emporer - CL 

$40  image foot

​5.25 width

Kingsmen - CL

$ 45 per image foot

6 inch width

Royal - CL

$45 per image foot

5 Inch width

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   Gold Antique                           Silver Antique                          Black Antique                 

Monarch -CL  

$40 image foot

​5.25 width

Duke - CL

$35 per image foot

​4.5 width

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Artesano Frames are not just able but more than happy to custom design build out components to any of our frames.  If you would like something more unique than our standard designs, please feel free to contact us.  Almost anything is designed to be interchangeable.  Please keep in mind that certain gold tones can be created  as well as level of distressing leaf and color with different color rub backs.   Images are for standard samples.  

Majestic - CL

$45  image foot

​5.5 Width

Conqueror - CL

$45 image foot

5.5 width

Imperial - CL

$40 per image foot

​5.25 width

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